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Hearing Aid Ear Plugs Concept by designaffairs

Rising self-confidence is taking prostheses to another level. People don’t try to hide their handicap anymore.Show what you‘ve got, don’t make a fuzz about your problem. Wear your hearing aid like a piece of jewelry, a stylish accessory. Be individual, be cool, be yourself.

Hearing aid is made for customers with a medium level of hearing disability. In case of a severe hearing damage one could order the PLUG which contents a more powerful system.

I came across this probably two years ago and it still comes to mind every so often. Love the shit out of these, I would.

I used to wear (these) hearing aids when I was younger and I hated them. They made me feel like I had some kind of debilitating illness by the stares and stupid questions I had thrown at me. My mom was okay with my decision to stop wearing them in 2nd grade because my hearing wasn’t terrible… I just couldn’t (and still can’t) hear shit under a whisper, and what normal teacher teaches in a whisper? My doctor compares my hearing impairment to that of an elderly person just beginning to go deaf, so yeah, that makes me feel fab.

My friend always jokes that she used to get frustrated in class when she’d try to talk shit to me or “gossip” in a hushed voice and I’d always be like “What??? You know I can’t fucking hear you.” LOL, she’s sill.

Posted: Fri May 11th, 2012 at 5:09pm
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